© 2019 Jean Pyo

Jean Pyo's  superpower is that she is adaptable
and doesn’t fit into 1 type of “Style.”
Some days she feels like KonMari~*
and other days she feels like Cardi~

Her versatility aids in achieving all her clients' unique visions come to life. She knows it’s not about her. It’s about understanding the client’s pain points, strategizing, being there every step of the process and coming up with the best solution to visually communicate their goals.


Jean specializes in branding, design, and illustration.


 Feelz by Chloe - Popup 

Logo Design @ Paperwhite Studio

Very Good Light design by Jean Pyo
Very Good Light design by Jean Pyo
Alumni cafe design by Jean Pyo

Alumni Cafe 


Stoney Clover

 Stoney Clover Lane 

Rebranding @ Paperwhite Studio

sweet heat illustration by Jean Pyo
Wnb Factory Design by Jean Pyo